Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Tutorial - Cowgirl Wanted !

* Please click the tag to see the full size image.
This tag was created using PSP 7.
Supplies Needed :
Tube of choice - I am using the awesome artwork of Andy Screen.
You can purchase his art HERE
Font used - CowboyRhumbahut which can be downloaded HERE
Scrapkit of choice - I am using a fabby kit by the talented Seachell called ' Wild Wild West ' which you can purchase HERE. Thanks so much hun :)
Mask of choice.
Lets get started :0)
Open paper 16 from the kit.Mask - new from image - apply a mask of choice.
Create a new black canvas 727 * 692
Copy & paste the mask as a new layer.
Copy & paste element 8 (Wanted scroll) as a new layer.I then added the bonus closeup tube as a new layer on top of the scroll.Erase the bottom part of the tube that may be down on the bottom roll of the scroll.
Now add element 74 (Flower) Duplicate 5 times and place down the right side and the bottom of the scroll.Add element 15 (hay looking grass) Duplicate 2 times and place the 3 across the canvas. Move the flower layers and element 15 layer down below the scroll.
Add your main tube as a new layer. I placed it on the left side of the scroll. Add a drop shadow. Add element 15 again. This time place it directly on top of the main tube. Erase parts of this element that covers the face and top part of the tube.Copy & paste element 41 (wheel) as a new layer. Resize if you wish. Place at the bottom of the main tube. Now copy & paste element 24 (horse)Resize and place at the bottom of the main tube on top of the wheel. You can look at my tag for reference.
Add element 30 as a new layer on the top right hand corner of the scroll. Add a drop shadow.
Add your name and place at the bottom of the scroll.
I also added the cowgirl text as a new layer. Resize and place above your name.Add a drop shadow. Merge all layer visable. Then colorize - greyscale.
All is left to do is add the proper copyright info,crop & save.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial !
Please feel free to mail me your results.
I'd love to see them !
This tutorial was written by KellyKreations on March 05,2009.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Do not copy/rewrite or claim as your own.

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