Wednesday, February 11, 2009

- Timeless Beauty -

This tag was created with PSP 7 !

Supplies Needed :

Font of choice
I used the fonts Hurricane Swash & Whiz Kid Regular)
Mask of Choice
Flowers of choice
KellyCDesigns Grunge Paper2
My rectangle template
A Dozi's clockface-04 Site right
Artwork ©Anthony Guerra Purchased from
My Supplies

Lets get started :0)

Open up a new canvas 654 * 620 (crop later)
Flood fill with white

Open up my grunge2 paper. Colorize - hue: 19 & saturation - 40

Go back to your new canvas. New rastal layer - floodfill with the colorized grunge paper

Mask - new from image - pick out your mask. (source luminance checked)
Lower the opacity of the mask layer to 36

Copy & paste A Dozi's_Clockface_04 as a new layer. Rotate 35 to the right
Change the blend mode of the clock face layer to overlay

Add your tube as a new layer.
Add a drop shadow of your tube on the left side of the canvas.

Copy & paste my rectangle template as a new layer & place at the bottom of your tag
Be sure to cover over the bottom of the tube a little.

Open up a flower tube of choice and place at each end of the rectangle template. Resize if necessary and change the blend mode again to overlay.

Add your name in a font of choice. I used Hurricane Swash.Foreground - null, background - white.Add a drop shadow of choice.

Add text 'Timeless Beauty' ( I used the font Whiz Kid Regular ) Foreground - null & background - 897C72 Add a drop shadow.

Add proper copyright info and your watermark
Resize 85 %. Sharpen & Crop to liking.Save !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial !
Please feel free to mail me your results. I'd love to see them !
This tutorial was written by KellyCroke on August 23th,2006.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Do not copy/rewrite or claim as your own.
All Rights Reserved.

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