Tuesday, January 27, 2009

* New Tutorial * Elias SweetHeart *

Please click the tag to see the full image :)

This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed:
PSP 7 & 9 (any version will work)
Tube of choice:I used the awesome artwork of Elias Chatzoudis.
You can purchase a license to use his Artwork
Template #17 by the talented Pooker HERE

Scrap Kit of choice: I used this Awesome PTU kit
"SweetHeartsDay "By Just A Girls Designs
Font of choice: I used Pornhut

Lets Get Started :0)

Open Pooker's template #17. Delete the ©Info layer
Image - canvas size 605 * 678
Floodfill the background layer white.
Highlight the mask layer of the template.
Select all - select float and defloat ( keep selected )

Open up your scrap kit and copy and paste a paper of choice and
add it to the template canvas as a new layer. Selections - invert and delete.
Select none.

Open up the sweethearts berries with bow and add as a new layer.
Resize the berries 50 %.
Effects - Mura Meister - copies with the following settings

Erase the berries that are sticking out on the bottom and lower the opacity to 15.

((#4)) Highlight the circle layer. Select all - selection float - selection defloat (Keep selected)

Go back to your scrap kit and pick out another paper. Now back to your working image - paste as a new layer. Selections - invert and delete. Select none. Add a drop shadow of choice.

A few of the next steps we will be repeating step 4 just using different layers :)

Highlight square 1 - now repeat step 4

hightlight square 2 - step #4 , highlight square 3 - step #4

* I used the same paper for square 1 & 3 *

Highlight strip 1 and repeat step #4 and then the same for strip 2

Highlight flower 1 select all and float defloat then floodfill white

Now highlight flower 2 and repeat step #4.

Back to the kit - open up the sweethearts day - parchment tube and paste as a new layer. Resize 85% and place at the bottom right side of the tag. (See mine for reference) Add desired dropshadow.

Open up a flower of choice - I used flower 1 from the kit. Place in the centre of the other flowers. Add drop shadow.

Add your tube and resize as desired. Add drop shadow of choice.

My dropshadow - Eye candy 4000 - Shadowlab with the following settings

Highlight the love text. Select all Selections float - modify - expand by 4 (keep selected)
Pick a new paper and paste as a new layer. Selections - invert and delete. Select none. Now on the paper layer select all float and modify - expand by 2 and floodfill white. Select none. Add desired drop shadow. Add your name.

Add your copyright information. Merge all layers and save

Thank you for trying my tut. I would love to see what you create :0)

Tutorial written by

January 2009

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